iConverter Network Interface Devices (NIDs)


iConverter Network Interface Devices (NIDs) enable MEF-certified Ethernet service demarcation with carrier-grade Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) and provisioning capabilities.  Széles választéka érhető el a réz – optika, optika – optika átalakítóknak, melyek támogatják a 100 és 1000Mbps optikai csatlakozást fix, vagy moduláris rendszerű optikai modulokkal (SFP). 

The iConverter GM4 NID provides tools for optimizing service delivery and managing the customer experience throughout the Lifecycle of an Ethernet Service. Network management combined with Service OAM provides higher perceived service quality and workforce productivity, rapid outage restoration, fewer reported problems and greater customer satisfaction.

iConverter GM4

Carrier-Grade NIDs with Ethernet Service Testing for 1000Mbps and 100Mbps Fiber Access
The iConverter GM4 is an intelligent Network Interface Device (NID), that delivers advanced Carrier Ethernet services and provides demarcation at the edges of a network. The GM4 enables rapid service deployments, Service Level Agreement (SLA) assurances and protection switching.

iConverter GM3

Network Interface Devices
The iConverter GM3 products are multi-service NIDs that provide SLA-assurance with industry-leading end-to-end performance monitoring capabilities that are compliant to MEF, IEEE 802.3ah and 802.1ag specifications. GM3 models are available for copper and fiber redundant access, in-franchise and out-of-franchise deployment, and subscriber traffic management and shaping.

iConverter HybridNID

Network Interface Device with Dual Management and Provisioning
The iConverter HybridNID is a Network Interface Device that enables the delivery of carrier-grade Ethernet services across multiple-operator networks with value-added revenue from independent SLA verification. The HybridNID clearly defines the service responsibilities between the Service Provider and the Wholesale Operator with dual management elements that support secure and independent management access.

iConverter GX/TM2

10/100/1000BASE-T UTP to 1000BASE-X Intelligent Media Converter and Network Interface Device
iConverter GX/TM2 NIDs provide UTP to fiber media conversion with integrated management and for secure Ethernet demarcation with 802.3ah OAM and provisioning. Advanced features include VLAN, QoS, bandwidth control and SFP fiber transceivers.

iConverter 10/100M2

10/100BASE-T UTP to 100BASE-X Intelligent Media Converter and Network Interface Device
iConverter 10/100M2 NIDs support all of the features included in the 10/100M, plus Layer 2 Protocol Control filtering, 2,048 kb maximum frame size and enhanced rate limiting in 64kb increments.

iConverter 2GXM2

1000BASE-X SFP to 1000BASE-X SFP Intelligent Media Converter and Network Interface Device
iConverter 2GXM2 NIDs provide 1000Mbps fiber-to-fiber conversion with integrated management for secure optical Ethernet demarcation with 802.3ah OAM management and provisioning. Advanced features include VLAN, QoS and SFP fiber transceivers

iConverter 2FXM2

100BASE-FX SFP to 100BASE-FX SFP Media Converter and Network Interface Device
The iConverter 2FXM2 Network Interface Device (NID) with integrated management provides Fast Ethernet (100BASE-FX) fiber-to-fiber media conversion.