THORLABS méréstechnika




Optomechanics is a broad category that includes optical tables and breadboards, optical mounts and construction components, mechanical devices with integrated electronics, kits that make it easy to buy a popular set of components or a set of components that can be assembled to perform a specific function, and general laboratory supplies and tools.


Motion Control

Thorlabs' motion control products are separated into manual and motorized linear and rotation stages, multiaxis platforms, actuators, and controllers. The manual and motorized stages can frequently be configured into 1-, 2-, or 3-axis solutions. For nanopositioning applications like waveguide and fiber coupling, our line of multiaxis flexure stages are ideal. Both the motorized stages and the multiaxis platforms are supported by a complete line of controllers for the various motors and piezoelectric actuators.



Multi-element systems like beam expanders and objective lenses as well as interferometers, fiber collimators, reference cells, modulators, and other optical devices can be found by choosing the optical systems link. Thorlabs also manufactures an extensive line of free-space and fiber optic isolators; stock items ship the same day that they are ordered while our custom orders benefit from our streamlined design and manufacturing process, which minimizes lead time.



Our fiber products are supported by a specialized line of optomechanical components and fiber components. Fiber components is a large category that includes collimators, polarization controllers, couplers, WDMs, circulators, attenuators, and all of the tools and supplies needed to connectorize, inspect, and clean fiber and fiber components. The Test & Measurement category includes the rack-based lasers, TEC controllers, and current controllers that are frequently used in fiber-based experiments and test systems.



The coherent source category includes laser diodes, laser diode modules, tunable lasers, HeNe lasers, and femtosecond lasers, while the incoherent source link brings you to a selection of LEDs, white light, and broadband SLD sources. The Quantum Electronics category includes optical amplifiers, modulators, and gain elements that are frequently used in research and OEM applications.


Light Analysis

Our versatile power and energy meters can be used with over 25 different sensors in order to make NIST-traceable power and energy measurements. If the convenience of a meter is not desired, our selection of detectors includes basic photodiodes (uncalibrated and calibrated), photodetectors (biased, amplified, and avalanche), CCD and CMOS arrays, position detectors, integrating spheres, and photomultiplier tubes.



This makes it easy to modify or build custom imaging systems. Thorlabs is a leader in the development of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Imaging Systems. We offer complete systems as well as a selection of components that are ideal for constructing a custom OCT system. Through the “Adaptive Optics” link, below, Thorlabs offers a selection of MEMS deformable mirrors and Shack-Hartmann Wavefront sensors to serve customers interested in applying adaptive optics to correct wavefront aberrations in their imaging system. We also offer an ever growing line of products for microscopy applications.