Cooling is a critical infrastucture system of data centers, computer rooms. The significant part of energy is used for cooling, so it is very important to design the right cooling system.

The components of cooling system:

Airflow Management

Passive Airflow Management: Air flow passive control elements help to optimize cooling efficiency by minimizing bypass airflow.
Blank and Vented Panels: These panels are mounted on 19" vertical extrusions.

Active airflow management

Ventilation units and fans are used for cooling low heat-dissipating equipment installed in a rack.
The active door is adapted the assembly of as many as 3 ventilation units with 6 or 9 fans.

Air separation systems

The proper layout and design of a data center will ensure reliable safe operation, low energy consumption and high availability of installed ICT system.

Targeted Cooling

CONTEG Targeted Cooling gives the facility planner the flexibility to design different power zones within the data‑center eliminating the need for a “blanket” approach which could lead to over‑cooling of the facility in low density areas and high operational costs associated with too much cooling.