Terrawatt és Petawatt lézerek komponensei


The Intrepid Laser Platform

The Intrepid laser is designed for optimal pumping of OPCPA amplifiers. Its output is temporally flat as well as spatially flat for uniform amplification of the seed pulse


The Constellation Laser Platform

The Constellation laser is a glass system tailored for pumping multipass Ti:Sapphire amplifiers. It can be configured as an economical two-beam system or as a higher repetition rate three-beam system.


Energy Reclassified

High energy has been redefined for Nd:YAG lasers. The Genus provides 8J of IR and 4J of green at 10Hz – the perfect alternative to multiplexing lasers of lower energy. Designed to be the ultimate Ti:Sapphire pump and materials processing laser, the Genus provides raw power in a refined package for the lab and industry. The goal of this new class of laser is to bring unmatched energy and performance in a safe and reliable package.