Fixed Shelves

Fixed shelves are designed for placing equipment that is not 19" mountable. The entire area of the shelves is perforated to ensure efficient ventilation.

Pull-out Shelves

Pull-out shelves offer safe support for equipment that does not have mounting possibilities. The telescopic design make it easy to access the equipment.

Drawers and Holders

The holders are designed to support a keyboard or monitor. Drawings, technical documentation, etc., can be stored in the rack drawers.

Supporting Rails and Adaptors

These rails are used to hold non-19" mountable equipment in the free-standing PREMIUM, OPTIMAL and iSEVEN rack series.

Protection of Cable Openings

Cable protection and anti-dust panels can protect cables and help limit dust buildup in a rack. They are installed into the cable openings.

Mounting and Connecting Kits

The mounting kit is used to mount the equipment to the vertical extrusions.

The connecting kit is used to connect (bay) free-standing racks with of the same height and depth in one row.