FuseConnect Installation Kit


  • Enables connector installation on 2/3mm cordage
  • Adapts fusion splicer to enable installation on 2/3mm cordage
  • Adapts high precision cleaver to enable installation on 2/3mm cordage


  • RF-overlay FTTP network connectorization
  • Cable TV backbone network connectorization
  • Outside plant connectorization
  • Central office connector replacement
  • Data center installation
  • MDU optical fiber termination

The FuseConnect Installation Kit is uniquely designed to extend the capability of fiber holder based fusion splicers beyond standard fiber splicing to field terminated connector splicing. The kit provides all items necessary to configure a splicer for field splicing of AFL FuseConnect field terminated connectors. The installation kits come equipped with all components necessary to handle 900µm, 2mm, and 3mm cable. FuseConnect is compatible not only with Fujikura's fusion splicers, but also with most other industry-available, fiber holder-based fusion splicing platforms.

Description QUANTITY AFL NO.
FuseConnect Installation Kit for:
FSM-60R/60S, FSM-18R/18S, FSM-50R, FSM-17R & FSM-17S-FH
1 S014492
FuseConnect Installation Kit for: SpliceMate FSM-11S, FSM-11R 1 S014516

900 μm and Fan-out Termination Only Accessories

Description QUANTITY AFL NO.
FH-FC-900 1 S014697
Fiber Clamp 250 μm 1 CS004442
S014752 Clamp-60D Left side only for 900 μm LT, FSM-60S, FSM-18S 1 S014752