FuseConnect Keyed LC Solutions


  • Factory termination performance, installed in the field
  • Security keyed
  • Compatible with most fusion splicers


  • Data centers
  • LAN/WAN premise networks
  • Secure networks

AFL's keyed LC FuseConnect fusion splice connector utilizes the current FuseConnect LC design features, only using a keyed housing instead of standard housing. With the keyed configuration, this connector provides a secure network solution, suitable for backbone network infrastructure and Fiber-to-the-Desk.

The keyed LC housing is available in six different keying configurations, each with its own color designation. The physical keying feature inside the housing is designed to be compatible only with the same keyed color adapter configurations. Both LC keyed housings and adapters are designed to be tamper proof, prevent unauthorized connections and will not connect with generic LC connectors or adapters.

The four-component structure of FuseConnect eliminates the complexity associated with additional crimp ring parts, thereby virtually eliminating the crimping operation. The simplified field installation minimizes the potential for operator error and expensive connector scrap, even in difficult field environments or in exposed conditions at remote site locations.

Ordering Information – FuseConnect Keyed Solutions

Description Color UOM AFL NO.
Single-mode Multimode
FuseConnect LC Keyed Housing Kit (Package of 6 pieces per kit)
FuseConnect LC, Red Keyed Housing Red Kit CS009799
FuseConnect LC, Blue Keyed Housing Blue Kit CS009800
FuseConnect LC, Black Keyed Housing Black Kit CS009801
FuseConnect LC, Yellow Keyed Housing Yellow Kit CS009802
FuseConnect LC, Orange Keyed Housing Orange Kit CS009803
FuseConnect LC, Green Keyed Housing Green Kit CS009804
LC Keyed Duplex Adapter (Package of one unit)
LC Keyed Duplex Adapter, Red Red EA CS009930-RED CS009931-RED
LC Keyed Duplex Adapter, Blue Blue EA CS009930-BLU CS009931-BLU
LC Keyed Duplex Adapter, Black Black EA CS009930-BLK CS009931-BLK
LC Keyed Duplex Adapter,Yellow Yellow EA CS009930-YLW CS009931-YLW
LC Keyed Duplex Adapter,Orange Orange EA CS009930-ORN CS009931-ORN
LC Keyed Duplex Adapter,Green Green EA CS009930-GRN CS009931-GRN
LC Keyed Hybrid Duplex Adapter (Package of one unit)
LC Keyed Hybrid Duplex Adapter,Red Red EA CS009932-RED CS009933-RED
LC Keyed Hybrid Duplex Adapter,Blue Blue EA CS009932-BLU CS009933-BLU
LC Keyed Hybrid Duplex Adapter,Black Black EA CS009932-BLK CS009933-BLK
LC Keyed Hybrid Duplex Adapter,Yellow Yellow EA CS009932-YLW CS009933-YLW
LC Keyed Hybrid Duplex Adapter, Orange Orange EA CS009932-ORN CS009933-ORN
LC Keyed Hybrid Duplex Adapter, Green Green EA CS009932-GRN CS009933-GRN

Ordering Information – FuseConnect Connectors

AFL NO. (Package of one unit, keyed housing not included)
PC 62.5 μm MM
PC 50.0 μm MM
PC 50.0 μm 10GIG MM
900 μm CS008237 CS008243 CS008241 CS008239
2 mm CS008248 CS008254 CS008252 CS008250