The Intrepid Laser Platform

The Intrepid laser is designed for optimal pumping of OPCPA amplifiers. Its output is temporally flat as well as spatially flat for uniform amplification of the seed pulse


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All Armada-class lasers come with a sophisticated Graphical User Interface for optimal control. Together, the Armada family can be combined to scale a high energy laser system from TW to PW.

Contact your local Continuum sales representative for more information on how the Armada family can work for you.


  • Intrinsic beam quality, built into the laser
  • Unique Temporal quality
  • Sophisticated Graphical User Interface
  • Unmatched experience (installed customer base)
  • Strategic partnerships – National Energetics
  • Global reach
  • Programmable pulsewidths on a standard platform specifically designed for OPCPA pumping
  • Intelligent control architecture for comprehensive system management
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Scalable architecture for the most demanding applications


Intrepid is a high energy pulsed laser system specifically tailored for pumping OPCPA amplifiers. The output of the laser is shaped to be spatially and temporally flat, uniformly amplifying the input chirped pulse across the entire waveform. The Intrepid beam can also be preferentially stressed to adjust for distortions on the seed pulse.

Intrepid is offered in a variety of output energies from 100 mJ to over 5J and pulse widths from 3-8 ns and repetition rates up to 10 Hz. While two versions are standard, other configurations are available on request. Consult your local Continuum sales representative to discuss your needs.

Intrepid is part of the Continuum variable pulsewidth family of laser systems. For longer pulse lengths, please refer to the Agilite datasheet for more information

Description Intrepid I Intrepid II
Wavelength 532 nm 532 nm
Energy > 100 mJ > 4 J
Energy stability < 2% RMS < 2% RMS
Repetition rate 10 Hz 2 Hz
Beam diameter   < 6 mm 25 mm
Beam divergence   < 0.67 mrad < 0.67 mrad
Pulse duration 2.5-4 ns 2.5-4 ns
Polarization ratio Linear, 100:1 vertical Linear, 100:1 vertical
Pointing stability > 99% of shots within ±50
μrad full angle over 8 hr
> 99% of shots within ±50
μrad full angle over 8 hr
Temportal profile flat top, 5% RMS flat top, 5% RMS
Spatial profile Supergaussian with modulation
central 80% of the beam
Supergaussian with modulation
central 80% of the beam
Rise time < 300 ps from 10% to 90%
< 300 ps from 10% to 90%
Fall time < 300 ps from 10% to 90%
< 300 ps from 10% to 90%
Warm-up time   < 30 min < 30 min

1. Additional configurations are available on request
2. System is configured with one waveform standard. Additional waveforms are available for an additional charge.

As a part of Continuum’s ongoing improvement program, all specifications are subject to change without notice.