The Constellation Laser Platform

The Constellation laser is a glass system tailored for pumping multipass Ti:Sapphire amplifiers. It can be configured as an economical two-beam system or as a higher repetition rate three-beam system.


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All Armada-class lasers come with a sophisticated Graphical User Interface for optimal control.

Together, the Armada family can be combined to scale a high energy laser system from TW to PW.

Contact your local Continuum sales representative for more information on how the Armada family can work for you.


  • Intrinsic beam quality, built into the laser
  • Unmatched experience (installed customer base)
  • Strategic partnerships – National Energetics
  • Global reach
  • High energy glass laser on a standard platform
  • Ideal pump source for Ti:Sapphire multipass amplifier systems
  • Intelligent control architecture for comprehensive system management
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface with the ability to multiplex multiple Constellation systems under one user control interface


Constellation is a family of high energy glass laser systems optimized for pumping Ti:Sapphire amplifiers. The design is modular and conservative, delivering the best beam quality in the business. Each Constellation laser delivers 25J of energy in a clean, supergaussian beam line. The Constellation II has two 527nm beams of 12.5J each and is the more cost-effective solution. The Constellation III has three 527nm beams of 8.33J each and offers higher repetition rates.

Both systems offer excellent beam quality and stability. This lowers the possibility of damage to downstream optics, including the harmonic generators and Ti:Sapphire amplifiers.

The Constellation system is modular and can be customized to meet your exact needs. Please contact your local Continuum sales representative for more information.

Constellation Specifications

Description Constellation II Constellation III
Wavelength 527 nm 527 nm
Energy (total) 25 J 25 J
Number of beams 2 3
Repetition rate 1/min 0.1 Hz
Beam diameter (each) 25 mm 19 mm
Beam divergence < 1 (mrad)  < 1 (mrad)
Pulse duration 35 ns nominal 35 ns nominal
Polarization ratio 100:1 vertical 100:1 vertical
Pointing stability ±50 μrad ±50 mrad
Shot to shot stability < 2.5% RMS < 2.5% RMS
Long term stability  < 10% over 8hr
±1ºC change in ambient
 < 10% over 8hr
±1ºC change in ambient
Spatial profile top hat,
15% RMS
80% of beam
top hat,
15% RMS
80% of beam

Measuring spatial profile
The beam will be relay imaged on to a CCD camera and a lineout created. The FWHM will define the beam size and the center of the HM line will define the center of the beam.
Statistics performed on any contiguous 20% block of the beam. No block will exhibit more than ±15% RMS of peakto peak from the mean of this block.

As a part of Continuum's ongoing improvement program, all specifications are subject to change without notice.