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Nanosecond Dye Laser: the ND6000

The ND6000 is a high energy, tunable dye laser, combining high performance with ease of use. Its proprietary, grazing incidence oscillator and transverse pumped amplifiers result in high efficiency, low amplified spontaneous emission (ASE), and linewidth of < 0.05 cm-1 at 560 nm.

Surelite OPO PLUS

The Surelite OPO PLUS is a higher energy, broadband, low cost tunable optical parametric oscillator, designed for producing light in the visible and infrared spectrum when pumped with a Surelite series Nd:YAG laser.

Horizon OPO

Horizon I & II, a NEW mid-band OPO

With more than twice the efficiency, an extended tuning range into the vacuum ultraviolet, narrow linewidth and active precision control throughout, this newest system offers unprecedented advantages to the scientific community.

Sunlite™ EX OPO

Sunlite EX is a solid state alternative to dye lasers. It features wide tunability, a narrow linewidth, no tuning range gap at the degeneracy point, high energy, low oscillator threshold and ease of use. Its high performance results from its patented ExtRAordinary oscillator.

Panther EX OPO

The Panther EX OPO and Panther EX PLUS OPO is the first of a new class of mid band OPOs which have a linewidth of down to less than 2.5 cm-1. The Panther EX OPO is a convenient and high performance alternative to dye lasers. The Panther EX PLUS OPO has similar performance yet allows much higher pump energy from the Surelite III-10 and Powerlite Series lasers.