Nanosecond Dye Laser: the ND6000

The ND6000 is a high energy, tunable dye laser, combining high performance with ease of use. Its proprietary, grazing incidence oscillator and transverse pumped amplifiers result in high efficiency, low amplified spontaneous emission (ASE), and linewidth of < 0.05 cm-1 at 560 nm. Its revolutionary circulator permits quick and easy dye changes. The laser tunes from 200 nm to 900 nm with the help of a crystal tracking option which electronically tunes the UVX wavelength extension packages. Grating options can provide narrower bandwidths and also extend the tuning range further into the infrared.

UV Frequency Extensions

Our UV extension packages use doubling, mixing, and mixing-after-doubling crystals to extend the wavelength range of our tunable dye and OPO sources into the UV. All UVX options are used to double, mix and/or mix after doubling the output of the ND6000 dye laser. The UVT options contain the automatic trackers which keep the crystals optimally tuned while the dye laser scans over a range of wavelengths.

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  • UVT-1, UVX-1 doubles the dye laser output and covers the 206 nm to 425 nm range.
  • UVT-2, UVX-2 mixes the dye laser fundamental output with residual 1064 nm from the pump laser to cover the 245 nm to 430 nm range.
  • Proprietary narrow linewidth oscillator (U.S. Patent #4,490,021) with low background fluorescence
  • PC control for ease of use locally or remotely
  • Small footprint with highest energy ( ≥ 260 mJ )
  • Lowest ASE (<0.2%)
  • Narrow bandwidth (0.05 cm-1)
  • Wavelength extension available, UVX /T –1,2,3 (220 – 430 nm)
  • Intuitive computer control via Windows® Operating Platform with RS–232 and TTL interface


UV Frequency Extension Features

  • Etalon-free narrow linewidth output permits rapid optimized scanning
  • Can be pumped by most frequency doubled Nd:YAG lasers from 100 mJ to 1J
  • Proprietary narrow linewidth oscillator (U.S. Patent #4,490,021) with low background fluorescence


The ND6000 is the easy to use tunable dye laser that fits into your budget.

The ND6000 pulsed dye laser provides seamless tunability, narrow linewidth, high energy output and very low Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE)1 in a small easy to use package. The ND6000 can be pumped by a wide range of pulsed Nd:YAG lasers to fit your budget and output power requirements. With over 25 years of experience, Continuum® can advise you and design a system to match your needs.

1 The ND6000 accomplishes this using a patented Moya oscillator (US Patent # 4,490,021)

ND6000 Specifications

Output Energy up to 260 mJ/Pulse (R6G peak)
Tuning Range1 420 - 900 nm
Bandwidth 0.05 cm-1@ 560 nm (dual grating option)
Beam Characteristics  
Beam Size 3 to 6 mm
Beam Divergence < 0.5 mrad
Beam Polarization > 98% vertical
Super Radiance (ASE)  
Peak of R6G < 0.2%
Edge of Dye Band < 0.5%
Frequency Stability  
Standard 0.05 cm-1 / °C / hr
FSO 0.05 cm-1 / 5°C / 7 hrs
Repeatability2 ± 0.002 nm
Absolute Accuracy3 ± 0.05 nm
Efficiency > 25% @ peak of R6G (for pulse duration ≤ 8 ns)
Pump Energy  
  100-1000 mJ @ 532 nm
  85-400 mJ @ 355 nm

1. With wavelength extension, the tuning range is 220 - 430 nm
2. Accuracy of electronic readout
3. Mechanical precision while scanning

As a part of our continuous improvement program, all specifications are subject to change without notice.