Horizon OPO

Horizon I & II, a NEW mid-band OPO

With more than twice the efficiency, an extended tuning range into the vacuum ultraviolet, narrow linewidth and active precision control throughout, this newest system offers unprecedented advantages to the scientific community. Designed with optimal mechanical and optical integrity, Horizon gives full and convenient access to wavelengths between 192-2750nm. Fully automated with precision scanning for true hands free operation, Horizon is a robust system built for consistent output. Compatible with a wide range of Continuum pump lasers, the Horizon package is your complete tunable solution.


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  • Complete tunability with no degeneracy gap from 192-2750nm
  • More than twice the efficiency
  • Narrow linewidth
  • Excellent beam quality and low divergence in both axes
  • Fully automated for precision scanning – Windows 7 platform
  • Horizon I & II models available for low/high power requirements
  • Extended tunability from 192 nm to 2750 nm
  • More than twice the energy
  • Linewidths down to < 3 cm-1
  • Excellent beam quality and low divergence in both axes
  • Fully automated for precision scanning and optimal performance - Windows 7 platform
  • All encompassing optical design integrated into a single monolithic platform for ease of use and convenience
  • Coated and temperature stabilized crystals enclosed in a secure housing for optimal lifetime and reliability


The new Horizon mid-band OPO offers unmatched performance. Its intelligently integrated optical design delivers the highest output powers available over an extensive tuning range (192-2750nm). Fully automated with precision scanning for true hands-free operation, Horizon is a robust system delivering optimal performance – all day, every day.

With the highest conversion efficiency available from any mid-band OPO, Horizon gives you unprecedented advantages: outstanding beam quality, excellent beam pointing stability and the option for wavelength access extended into the vacuum ultraviolet. With crystals and Pellin Broca prisms mounted directly to ultra-high resolution stepper motors, Horizon has been engineered for optimal stability and tuning reproducibility at all wavelengths.

Horizon Energy Specifications

Tuning Range* (nm) 400-2750 192-400
Pump Laser Energy at Peak (mJ)
Energy at Peak (mJ)
OPO Pump
Energy (mJ)
at 355nm
Horizon I pumped with 200mJ or less
SL I-10 100 30 6
SL II-10 160 50 10
Horizon II pumped with 200mJ or more
SL EX 220 80 15
PL 8000 290 110 20


Horizon Specifications

Description SL I, II, EX PL 8000
Pulsewidth (nsec) 3-5 3-7
Pointing Stability (μrad) <±100 <±100
Linewidth (cm-1)
Seeded 2-6
Unseeded 3-7
Energy Stability (%, 99% of shots) <±10
Divergence (mrad, FWHM)  
Beam Diameter (mm, near field) 4-7
Beam Roundness (%, near field) >85
Polarization (%)
Signal Horizontal >99
Idler Horizontal >99

As a part of our continuous improvement program, all specifications are subject to change without notice.