Side-To-Side Airflow Solution – STS


Pre-configured RSF based racks; (solution for ROF available upon request)

  • Width: 800mm
  • Depth: 1000 or 1200 mm
  • Front and rear vented doors, 83% of perforation, multipoint lock with DIN profile, key 333
  • Lockable side panels
  • Top and bottom covers (E variant) for through cable bundles for other directions
  • Independent sliding 19" extrusions in the rear, single piece
  • Load rating up to 1000kg depending on the frame type
  • The P-type of extrusion on the left front side, installation of vertical HDWM-VMR-42-12/10F is possible.
  • Blank panels for side deflector are included for all positions
  • Frame for separation of hot and cold air space
  • Clearance between the chassis and side panels is 170 mm
  • High Density Wire Management bar on the right front side for effective cable management as standard


In the distribution area of data centers  some vendors' core networking equipment is not configured for  typical entry from the front and exit from the rear cooling air flow, but instead utilizes a system where the cooling air enters from one side and exits from the other.  In a standard cabinet this side to side cooling system can be problematic for equipment in the adjacent and nearby cabinets. To eliminate the issues caused when using etworking equipment with the side to side air flow Conteg has designed options which can be added to the standard cabinet line to manage the air flow, effectively cool the equipment and not interfere with the cooling of equipment in other adjacent or nearby cabinets.  All the other great features of the Conteg cabinet line remain the same.  Increase of the computing capacity has direct impact on the volume of transferred data. Currently there are several high-end network equipment producers on the market who supply products that bring a new challenge in the airflow management area. Typical suppliers of such equipment include Cisco Systems Inc. and Juniper Networks Inc.  These newly designed high performance products are not in compliance with the current industry standard "front to back" airflow configuration where vertical or front to back airflow is being supported. In these new applications more efficient "side to side" airflow management configuration is desirable.

Code of rack Height Width Depth Internal size Top plate Bottom plate
U mm mm mm
RSF-42-80/100-WWWWA-SE1 42 1978 800 1000 1 F CHC
RSF-42-80/120-WWWWA-SE1 42 1978 800 1200 1 F CFFC
RSF-42-80/120-WWWWA-SE2 42 1978 800 1200 2 F CFFC
RSF-45-80/100-WWWWA-SE1 45 2111 800 1000 1 F CHC
RSF-45-80/120-WWWWA-SE1 45 2111 800 1200 1 F CFFC
RSF-45-80/120-WWWWA-SE2 45 2111 800 1200 2 F CFFC
RSF-48-80/100-WWWWA-SE1 48 2245 800 1000 1 F CHC
RSF-48-80/120-WWWWA-SE1 48 2245 800 1200 1 F CFFC
RSF-48-80/120-WWWWA-SE2 48 2245 800 1200 2 F CFFC


A beépíthető berendezések, adapterek (az adaptereket kérjük külön megrendelni):

Code of rack Code of adapter Cisco/Juniper unit to be housed
DP-STS-11-CTS6506 Cisco Catalyst 6506
DP-STS-11-CTS6506-E Cisco Catalyst 6506-E
DP-STS-11-CTS6509 Cisco Catalyst 6509
DP-STS-11-CTS6509-E Cisco Catalyst 6509-E
DP-STS-11-CTS6513 Cisco Catalyst 6513
DP-STS-11-CTS6513-E Cisco Catalyst 6513-E
DP-STS-11-CTS4900M Cisco 4900M
DP-STS-11-CTS9509 Cisco MDS 9509
DP-STS-12-CTS6506 Cisco Catalyst 6506
DP-STS-12-CTS6506-E Cisco Catalyst 6506-E
DP-STS-12-CTS6509 Cisco Catalyst 6509
DP-STS-12-CTS6509-E Cisco Catalyst 6509-E
DP-STS-12-CTS6513 Cisco Catalyst 6513
DP-STS-12-CTS6513-E Cisco Catalyst 6513-E
DP-STS-12-C4900M Cisco 4900M
DP-STS-12-C9509 Cisco MDS 9509
DP-STS-22-CNX7018 Cisco Nexus 7018
DP-STS-22-CNX7009 Cisco Nexus 7009
DP-STS-22-CTS6506 Cisco Catalyst 6506
DP-STS-22-CTS6506-E Cisco Catalyst 6506-E
DP-STS-22-CTS6509 Cisco Catalyst 6509
DP-STS-22-CTS6509-E Cisco Catalyst 6509-E
DP-STS-22-CTS6513 Cisco Catalyst 6513
DP-STS-22-CTS6513-E Cisco Catalyst 6513-E
DP-STS-22-C4900M Cisco 4900M
DP-STS-22-C9506 Cisco MDS 9506
DP-STS-22-C9509 Cisco MDS 9509
DP-STS-22-C9513 Cisco MDS 9513
DP-STS-22-EX8208 Juniper EX8208
DP-STS-22-EX8216 Juniper EX8216