OTDR görbe analizáló szoftver PC-re


  • OTDR trace display and analysis software
  • Works with OFL280 FlexTester, OFL250, and M200 OTDRs
  • Displays OTDR trace with event table
  • Reports loss, reflectance or fiber attenuation between cursors
  • Simultaneous multi-wavelength trace overlay (e.g. 1310, 1550 and 1490 or 1625 nm)
  • Includes cable and fiber identification data (start and end locations, cable ID, fiber number)
  • Includes OTDR setup conditions (wavelength, range, pulsewidth, IOR, etc.)


  • View, analyze, edit, and print OTDR traces uploaded from AFL OTDRs
  • Supports cable plant record-keeping: Archives trace data from fiber installation and maintenance activities
  • Accepts files in Telcordia-standard .SOR file format
  • Compare baselined trace to trace taken during fiber troubleshooting or maintenance OTDR Trace Display, Analysis and Archiving Software

AFL’s Trace.Net software is a Windows®-based application designed to view, analyze, edit, and print OTDR trace files uploaded from AFL OTDRs including the OFL280 FlexTester, OFL250 and M200 OTDRs. Trace.Net’s intuitive user interface displays graphical OTDR trace, event table, setup info, and fiber identification data.

For the M200 (with software release 2.0 or higher), M700, and C850, AFL’s Trace Results Management software provides enhanced trace analysis and documentation capability including archiving of inspection and loss testing measurements.

Trace analysis is facilitated through trace zooming, panning, and event table step-through. Two cursors are provided, providing distance, loss, reflectance and fiber attenuation measurements between cursors. Editing capabilities allow events to be added, removed, or updated in the event table. Auto Event capability analyzes an OTDR trace to automatically detect events and create an event table. When manually adding events, the user may select between two-point and LSA event loss measurement methods. Pass/Fail event thresholds may be adjusted and reapplied to the event table. Additionally, text comments may be added.

Trace.Net software accepts and displays OTDR trace data stored in standard or .SOR file format.  defined by Telcordia SR-4731 and GR-196.

The figure and table below provide an overview of capabilities accessible from the main screen.  More details on capabilities and operation can be found in the User Guide.

System Requirements

To use Trace.Net application, you need the following hardware and software:

  • A PC with a 1GHz (or faster) processor and an 800 x 600 (or larger) display
  • At least 1 GB of RAM
  • A Windows® compatible pointing device (mouse, trackball, etc.)
  • MS Windows® 2000, XP or Vista
  • An Internet connection to download software from AFL’s website


AFL Noyes® announced that it has added increased functionality to its Trace Results Manager (TRM®) reporting  software package. TRM now supports 10GbE IEEE802.3ae fiber certification as well as integration with its popular OFL280 FlexTester and OFL250 OTDR products. TRM provides comprehensive reporting capability with more report templates and new feature functionalities.

We encourage you to get benefits of TRM analysis and reporting software as a part of complete fiber testing solution. This new software version is free of charge to customers using Noyes OTDR, OLTS and OPM products.

Test Results Manager-TRM® software may be downloaded from the AFL website here. is shipped on CD with OFL280 FlexTesters. may also be downloaded here.

Test Results Manager-TRM® software may be downloaded from the AFL website here.