FTK Pro Installer Kit

FTK Pro Installer Kit


  • Multimode and single-mode fiber ready
  • Available with M200 QUAD OTDR with VFI
  • Includes OPM5-2C Power Meter, OLS4 Light Source, and Accessories
  • Includes Inspection Scopes and Cleaning Supplies
  • Reporting Software to present network owners with written proof of a quality installation
  • Rugged transit case with pull handle and wheels
  • Test Results Manager for documenting networks and generating acceptance reports


  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 testing of premise networks
  • Clean, inspect, and test fiber optic networks
  • Verify integrity of installed fiber networks
  • Fast fault location
  • Splice verification
  • Network documentation and reporting
  • Troubleshooting fiber links



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FTK Pro Installer Kit

The NOYES FTK Pro Installer Kit from AFL is the perfect all-in-one fiber optic test equipment kit. The FTK kit provides a wide selection of fiber optic testing, cleaning, and inspection equipment to enable technicians to install, troubleshoot and maintain fiber optic networks. Complete with multimode and single-mode test equipment, the kit also includes test accessories in a convenient tough injection-molded ABS carrying case with a pull handle and wheels. The Pro Installer Kit is ideal for TIA Tier 1 and Tier 2 testing of premises (building and campus) networks or certification and troubleshooting of fiber networks.

The NOYES FTK Pro Installer Kits are available with and without a M200 QUAD OTDR, a variety of Fiber Rings (launch/receive cables), an OPM5-2D power meter, an OLS4 light source, various adapters, multiple test jumpers, mating adapters, a OFS 300-200C inspection scope or DFS1 Digital FiberScope, and cleaning supplies that include One-Click Connector Cleaners, Cletop-SB, FCC2 Fiber Connector Cleaning Fluid, and CCT Connector Cleaning Tip. The Pro Installer Kit also includes NOYES TRM™ (Test Results Manager) software for analyzing data and creating reports.

Part number        Description

FTK1-01-0900PR FTK kit with M200, OPM5, OLS4, OFS300 and accessories
FTK1-01-0902PR FTK kit with OPM5, OLS4, OFS300 and accessories

Kit Contents:
Quad OTDR, 850/1300 nm MM, 1310/1550 SM
(FTK1-00-0900PR only)
Optical Power Meter (Wave ID, Set Ref, Data Storage)
Optical Light Source (LED and Laser)
Optical Fiber Scope (200x)
Fiber Rings
(1 each)
FR1-L5-150-SC-ST        (50/125 Laser Optimized)
FR1-L5-150-SC-LC        (50/125 Laser Optimized)
FR1-L5-150-ST-LC        (50/125 Laser Optimized)
FR1-M6-150-SC-ST       (62.5/125)
FR1-M6-150-SC-LC       (62.5/125)
FR1-M6-150-ST-LC       (62.5/125)
FR1-SM-150-SC-ST       (SM)
FR1-SM-150-SC-LC      (SM)
FR1-SM-150-ST-LC       (SM)
SC, ST, LC for the OTDR/OLS ports (2 each)
SC, ST, LC for the OPM Unit
2.5 and 1.25 mm Universal for OFS and VFI on OTDR
2 m in length (2 each)
SC-ST                               (50/125 Laser Optimized)
SC-LC                               (50/125 Laser Optimized)
SC-ST                               (62.5/125)
SC-LC                               (62.5/125)
SC-ST                               (SM)
SC-LC                               (SM)
Bulkhead adapters
Cleaning Supplies
FiberWipes™ Mini-tub
Cletop-SB with white tape
Cletop replacement tape (white)
FCC2 Fiber Connector Cleaner
Connector Cleaning Tips, 2.5mm and 1.25 mm
One-Click Cleaner SC/ST/FC
One-Click Cleaner LC/MU
Miscellaneous Accessories
(2) Mandrels: 62.5 and 50 µm, 3 mm jacket
Stylus pen for M200 touch screen
USB thumb drive, 1GB
Plastic parts boxes to hold adapters (Qty 3)
Case to hold up to 12 jumpers (2-5 m in length)
Report Software
Windows® compatible software and user guide


Prepaid Calibration Plans





2 Year  Cal Plan for FTK1-01-0900PR


2 Year  Cal Plan for FTK1-01-0902PR


2 Year  Cal Plus Plan for FTK1-01-0900PR


2 Year  Cal Plus Plan for FTK1-01-0902PR

For details see the Prepaid Calibrations and Calibration Plus plans product page