C840 QUAD (4 hullámhosszas) műszer


  • Tier 1 Loss Testing
  • Touch and Test™ user interface
  • TRM™ reporting software
  • Inspection capable with DFS1


  • Testing and Troubleshooting multimode and single-mode fiber networks
  • Documenation of Tier 1 loss measurements
  • Creation of Acceptance reports for job closeout package



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C840 QUAD Certification Tester

The NOYES C840 Certification Tester provides half of the functionality of test kit designed for performing length, loss (Tier 1) testing and inspection capability on both multimode and single-mode fibers. The light weight C840 tester includes integrated single-mode and multimode sources, an OPM and a VFL. The C840 tester may be used alone as a traditional power meter, light source or visual fault locator or used in pairs to bi-directionally test fiber pairs.

Thousands of test results may be stored internally for transfer to a computer via a USB cable or a standard USB drive for viewing, printing, and analyzing with the supplied Windows® compatible software - TRM™ (Test Results Manager). Acceptance reports generated using TRM™ can include certification reports and end-face images.

More Features

  • Handheld, 0.9 kg (2 lb)
  • Integrated OPM, OLS, and VFL
  • 850/1300 nm - LED and 1310/1550 nm - Laser sources
  • Dual-wavelength certification Pass/Fail
  • Two fibers bi-directional and single fiber testing
  • Transflective (indoor/outdoor) touch screen display
  • Tool-free, switchable adapters
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery (>8 hours) or AC power
  • USB host and function ports for data storage and transfer
  • Internal (1000s test results) and USB storage
  • TRM - Windows® compatible analysis and reporting software

The C840 QUAD Certification Tester comes with USB Flash drive, PC software for certification and OPM loss reporting, AC adapter, switchable test port adapters, and cleaning accessories.


Model Description  


Hand-held Tier 1 tester with cleaning accessories, use with another C840 or C850 for certification testing


Prepaid Calibration Plans


2 Year Cal Plan for C840
2 Year Cal Plus Plan for C840


For details see the Prepaid Calibrations and Calibration Plus plans product page