Q-Light-PM: Fiber Oscillator

Compact Femtosecond Fiber Oscillators

Ideal seed source for ultrafast Ti:Sapphire amplifiers

Typical Sub-100 fs FROG Trace of Output


  • Ideal seed source for ultrafast Ti:Sapphire amplifiers
  • Stable operation over a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Built-in pump laser and electronic drivers in one box for compact footprint and ease of use
  • < 110 fs pulse duration @ 780 nm
  • > 10 mW output power @ 780 nm
  • Repetition rate 30-40 MHz
  • Linear polarized output
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Compact, rugged design
  • Excellent seed source for regenerative amplifiers


The compact design and long-term stability make the Q-Light-PM fiber oscillator an ideal seeding source for Ti:Sapphire amplifiers. Additional applications include: imaging processing, material processing, and bio-medical research.


Model  Second Harmonic λ = 780 nm
  Average Power > 10 mW
  Pulse Duration < 110 fs
  Repetition Rate   30-40 Mhz
  Beam Diameter < 1.0 mm
  Polarization  Linear