iConverter 5-Module Chassis

Managed Redundant-Power Chassis

iConverter 5-Module Chassis
iConverter 5-Module Chassis




  • The iConverter 5-Module Chassis is 1U (1.75 inch) high and supports 19-inch or 23-inch rack mounts
  • Redundant, hot-swappable AC, 24VDC and 48VDC power supplies for mission critical networks
  • Standard temperature range of 0 to +50º C and Wide temperature range of -40 to +60º C
  • Ethernet backplane allows modules to share data and support a wide variety of network applications
  • Up to 19 iConverter chassis can be linked and managed using a single IP address
  • SNMP management via NetOutlook® provides real-time port and module information, remote parameter configuration and trap notification
  • Management is available with the addition of a management module to the chassis
  • All iConverter modules are hot-swappable when used with the 5-Module Chassis
  • Lifetime Warranty and free 24/7 Technical Support


The 1U (1.75 inch) high iConverter 5-Module Chassis has redundant power supplies and can be mounted in a 19-inch or
23-inch rack. It is designed for Enterprise Local Area Network (LAN) and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) applications where fault tolerance and reliability are essential.

The 5-Module Chassis features two hot-swappable redundant power supplies. Universal AC, 24VDC and 48VDC power supplies can be used in any combination. Omnitron's redundant power supplies operate in load-sharing mode to reduce the burden on each power supply to extend the lifetime and fault tolerance.

Power is provided to up to five iConverter modules via the chassis backplane. When used with an iConverter management module, the management capabilities include the ability to monitor the voltage, current and temperature of each power supply. Any out of range violation can trigger an SNMP trap to allow quick corrective maintenance.

In addition to handling the power and management data for each iConverter module, the 5-Module Chassis backplane allows sharing of Ethernet data between the individual modules. iConverter modules that are installed in adjacent slots and equipped with Ethernet backplane ports have the ability to connect to each other via the chassis' Ethernet backplane and facilitate a variety of flexible network applications including unmanaged, out-of-band managed, in-band managed and multi-port configurations.

The high reliability of the redundant power system combined with its AC and DC power options and its ability to hold five converters in a 1U height make the 5-Module Chassis the ideal choice for Customer Premises (CPE), multi-tenant (MTU) or for Point of Presence (POP) applications where reliability and space are critical.

The iConverter 5-Module Chassis supports the entire family of iConverter fiber media converters. All iConverter modules are hot-swappable and support multiple mounting options. In addition to the 5-Module Chassis, they can be mounted in a
19-Module (2U, 3.5 inch high) space-saving rack-mountable chassis (19-inch or 23-inch) with any combination of triple redundant AC, 24VDC and 48VDC power supplies, in a 2- Module AC or 18-60VDC power chassis or in a 1-Module AC power chassis.


Chassis típus 5-Module AC 5-Module AC*
High Airflow
5-Module 24VDC 5-Module 48VDC 5-Module 48VDC*
High Airflow
Típus jelölés 8220-x 8221-2 8226-x 8225-x 8227-2
Modul kapacitás 5
Beépíthető tápegységek száma
1 vagy 2 2 1 vagy 2 1 vagy 2 2
Teljesítmény felvétel(tipikus) 33 watts

100 to 240VAC/
50 to 60Hz/

0.5A @ 120VAC
66 watts

100 to 240VAC
1.5A @ 120VAC

20A @ 3.3VDC
33 watts

+/- 18 to 36VDC
1.4A @ 24VDC

10A @ 3.3VDC
33 watts

+/- 36 to 60VDC
0.7A @ 48VDC

10A @ 3.3VDC
66 watts

+/- 36 to 60VDC
2.0A @ 48VDC

20A @ 3.3VDC
Méretek W:17.15" x D:9.0" x H:1.75"
Súly 7.5 lbs (822x-1)
9.0 lbs (822x-2)
Megfelelőség UL, CE, FCC Class A
Hőmérséklet Standard: 0 to 50º C
Wide: -40 to 60º C
Storage: -40 to 80º C
Páratartalom 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
Magasság -100m to 4000m
MTBF (órák) 43,000 (1PS)
173,000 (2PS)
90,000 (2 PS) 49,700 (1PS)
198,000 (2PS)
49,700 (1PS)
198,000 (2PS)
90,000 (2PS)

*Agency compliances are pending. Required for iConverter XG+ models. Register at Omnitron-Systems.com to download the iConverter XG+ Usage Guide.

Configuration5-Module Chassis
(33 watts)
AC High Airflow
(66 watts)
(33 watts)
(33 watts)
48VDC High Airflow
(66 watts)
One (1) Power Supply 8220-1 - 8226-1 8225-1 -
Two (2) Power Supplies 8220-2 8221-2 8226-2 8225-2 8227-2
Spare Power Supply 8220-9 8221-9 8226-9 8225-9 8227-9
23" Rack Mounting Kit 8092-2
Blank Module Panel 8090-0

For wide temperature (-40 to +60º C), add a "W" to the end of the model number.
Consult factory for extended temperature (-40 to +75º C) models.