Fiber Extender (FOT)

Fiber Extender series is the rack-mounted optical to optical conversion module.


  • CWDM or DWDM 100GHz ITU grid
  • Multiple data rate
  • High receiver sensitivity and transmit power
  • Intermediate/Long distance extension
  • Input and output signal monitoring
  • Highly reliable and stable
  • Low power consumption
  • RS-232 and Ethernet interface for local supervision


  • Local area networks
  • Access/metropolitan area   network

GIP Technology Fiber Extender series is the rack-mounted optical to optical conversion module.  This series can automatically receive the 100~2700 Mbps signals ranging from 1260 to 1620nm and convert or amplify to the most popular used band of current telecom system. Fiber Extender can extend transmission distance up to intermediate or long reach at G.652 SMF. It will greatly reduces the signal transmission loss and extend the span distance.

The compact rack-mounted unit reduces the area size.  In addition, these units also provide a user-friendly status monitoring via LED indicators, and various communication interfaces (RS232 and SNMP).


Optical Information Unit Description
Transmitter side    
Center wavelength nm CWDM ITU Grid C-Band, DWDM ITU Grid
Output power Typ. dBm 0
Spectrum width @ -20dB Max. nm 1 0.3
Side-mode suppression ratio Min. dB 30
Extinction ratio Min. dB 8.2
Bit rate Typ. Mbps 100 ~ 2700
Dispersion tolerance*1 Typ. ps/nm 720 ~ 2160
Dispersion penalty Max dB 3.0
Connector   FC or SC
Receiver side    
Wavelength nm 1260 ~ 1620
Sensitivity*2 Typ. dBm -18 ~ -30
Input power*2 Max. dBm -8 ~ 0
Bit rate Typ. Mbps 100 ~ 2700
Fiber type   Single mode
Connector   FC or SC
Electrical Information
Power supply Volt -48 VDC and 100 ~ 240 VAC
Fan pcs 1
Power consumption Typ. W 10
Environmental Information
Operating temperature °C 0 ~ 50
Storage temperature °C -20 ~ 80
Relative humidity (non-condense) % 5 ~ 85 (operating)
Outline Information
Dimension   19” and 23” rack-mounted

*1: Measured at G.652 SMF.
*2: Measured with PRBS 223 –1 at 10-10 BER.