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Height: 21, 27, 42 and 45U
Width: 600 and 800 mm
Depth: 600, 800 and 1000 mm
Construction: Robust frame construction, joined together with M6 screws, easy and quick assembly, delivered unassembled; assembly at installation site.
Load rating: 300 kg (21 and 27U) and 400 kg (42 and 45U)
Doors: 2 types of doors (type G or S) for front and rear installation and 1 type of rear panel, door opening angle 180°, can be easily changed to open on right or left
Side panels: easily removable with lock
Top and bottom plates: holes for ventilation unit and cable entries. Number of holes depends on selected footprint.
Extrusions: 2 pairs of sliding 19" L-type extrusions
IP rating: IP30
Colors: powder coated RAL 7035 a RAL 9005


The iSEVEN Flex RM7 racks was designed for users whose space constraints do not allow for the installation of rack series iSEVEN (RI7) with welded construction. These racks are known for their unmatched balance between price, utility value and quality. The iSEVEN Flex racks are delivered unassembled for an easy transportation to the installation site where they can be built quickly and easily.

This type of rack is the ideal choice for installers and end-users who want to spend less time on choosing between various options and configuring difficult product part numbers. After thorough research, we have prepared for you a list of the most common sizes that fit one universal design.

The iSEVEN Flex rack is ideal for network equipment rooms, telecommunication closets and computer rooms when special configurations for load ratings, cable entries or door/panel options are not critical. The number of options is balanced by a highly competititve price and excellent availability.

Standard configuration:

Rack is delivered unassembled in boxes.

Code ‑
H in U Dimensions of the rack in mm Package dimensions (mm)
H* W D Useful
Package 1
Package 2
Package 3
Package 4
Package 5
RM7‑21‑60/60‑X 21 1044 600 600 590 105x140x1165 630x620x135 550x70x955 520x990x85
RM7‑27‑60/60‑X 27 1311 600 600 590 105x140x1430 630x620x135 550x70x1255 520x1255x85
RM7‑42‑60/60‑X 42 1978 600 600 590 105x140x2100 630x620x135 550x70x1890 520x1920x85 185x75x100
RM7‑45‑60/60‑X 45 2111 600 600 590 105x140x2230 630x620x135 550x70x2020 520x2055x85 185x75x100
RM7‑21‑60/80‑X 21 1044 600 800 790 105x140x1165 630x820x135 550x70x955 720x990x85
RM7‑27‑60/80‑X 27 1311 600 800 790 105x140x1430 630x820x135 550x70x1255 720x1255x85
RM7‑42‑60/80‑X 42 1978 600 800 590 105x140x2100 630x820x135 550x70x1890 720x1920x85 185x75x100
RM7‑45‑60/80‑X 45 2111 600 800 790 105x140x2230 630x820x135 550x70x2020 720x2055x85 185x75x100
RM7‑27‑60/100‑X 27 1311 600 1000 990 105x140x1430 630x1020x135 550x70x1255 920x1255x85
RM7‑42‑60/100‑X 42 1978 600 1000 990 105x140x2100 630x1020x135 550x70x1890 920x1920x85 185x75x100
RM7‑27‑80/80‑X 27 1311 800 800 790 105x140x1430 1005x820x135 750x70x1255 720x1255x85
RM7‑42‑80/80 ‑X 42 1978 800 800 790 105x140x2100 1005x820x135 750x70x1890 720x1920x85 185x75x100
RM7‑45‑80/80‑X 45 2111 800 800 790 105x140x2230 1005x820x135 750x70x2020 720x2055x85 185x75x100
RM7‑27‑80/100‑X 27 1311 800 1000 990 105x140x1430 1005x1020x135 750x70x1255 720x1255x85
RM7‑42‑80/100‑X 42 1978 800 1000 990 105x140x2100 1005x1020x135 750x70x1890 920x1920x85 185x75x100
RM7‑45‑80/100‑X 45 2111 800 1000 990 105x140x2230 1005x1020x135 750x70x2020 920x2055x85 185x75x100

* Height in mm without feet; for feet add 16‑45mm
¹Substitute X with desired color: B – 7035 (light grey), H – 9005 (black)
²xx – Rack height; yy – Rack width; zz – Rack depth


Transition table
Code ‑
Standard configuration¹
Codes of packages¹
RM7‑21‑60/60‑X RM7‑CO‑21/60‑X RM7‑TB‑60/60‑X RM7‑DO‑21/60‑X RM7‑SP‑21/60‑X  
RM7‑27‑60/60‑X RM7‑CO‑27/60‑X RM7‑TB‑60/60‑X RM7‑DO‑27/60‑X RM7‑SP‑27/60‑X  
RM7‑42‑60/60‑X RM7‑CO‑42/60‑X RM7‑TB‑60/60‑X RM7‑DO‑42/60‑X RM7‑SP‑42/60‑X RM7‑HVE‑60/60
RM7‑45‑60/60‑X RM7‑CO‑45/60‑X RM7‑TB‑60/60‑X RM7‑DO‑45/60‑X RM7‑SP‑45/60‑X RM7‑HVE‑60/60
RM7‑21‑60/80‑X RM7‑CO‑21/60‑X RM7‑TB‑60/80‑X RM7‑DO‑21/60‑X RM7‑SP‑21/80‑X  
RM7‑27‑60/80‑X RM7‑CO‑27/60‑X RM7‑TB‑60/80‑X RM7‑DO‑27/60‑X RM7‑SP‑27/80‑X  
RM7‑42‑60/80‑X RM7‑CO‑42/60‑X RM7‑TB‑60/80‑X RM7‑DO‑42/60‑X RM7‑SP‑42/80‑X RM7‑HVE‑60/80
RM7‑45‑60/80‑X RM7‑CO‑45/60‑X RM7‑TB‑60/80‑X RM7‑DO‑45/60‑X RM7‑SP‑45/80‑X RM7‑HVE‑60/80
RM7‑27‑60/100‑X RM7‑CO‑27/60‑X RM7‑TB‑60/100‑X RM7‑DO‑27/60‑X RM7‑SP‑27/100‑X  
RM7‑42‑60/100‑X RM7‑CO‑42/60‑X RM7‑TB‑60/100‑X RM7‑DO‑42/60‑X RM7‑SP‑42/100‑X RM7‑HVE‑60/100
RM7‑27‑80/80‑X RM7‑CO‑27/80‑X RM7‑TB‑80/80‑X RM7‑DO‑27/80‑X RM7‑SP‑27/80‑X  
RM7‑42‑80/80 ‑X RM7‑CO‑42/80‑X RM7‑TB‑80/80‑X RM7‑DO‑42/80‑X RM7‑SP‑42/80‑X RM7‑HVE‑80/80
RM7‑45‑80/80‑X RM7‑CO‑45/80‑X RM7‑TB‑80/80‑X RM7‑DO‑45/80‑X RM7‑SP‑45/80‑X RM7‑HVE‑80/80
RM7‑27‑80/100‑X RM7‑CO‑27/80‑X RM7‑TB‑80/100‑X RM7‑DO‑27/80‑X RM7‑SP‑27/100‑X  
RM7‑42‑80/100‑X RM7‑CO‑42/80‑X RM7‑TB‑80/100‑X RM7‑DO‑42/80‑X RM7‑SP‑42/100‑X RM7‑HVE‑80/100
RM7‑45‑80/100‑X RM7‑CO‑45/80‑X RM7‑TB‑80/100‑X RM7‑DO‑45/80‑X RM7‑SP‑45/100‑X RM7‑HVE‑80/100

¹Substitute X with desired color: B – 7035 (light grey), H – 9005 (black)