Ramos Ultra


  • Monitors up to 500 intelligent sensors using expansion modules (RAMOS ULTRA-EX-O16 and RAMOS ULTRA-EX-I8)
  • Each intelligent sensor port can be set to be input or output
  • Compatible with complete range of RAMOS intelligent sensors
  • All RAMOS Ultra accessories are powered by monitoring device
  • Built-in notification features – email and SNMP traps
  • Receive notifications of events via email, SMS / MMS, SNMP traps and much more.
  • Integrates with network management systems via SNMPv1 and Encrypted SNMPv3.
  • Fully embedded TCP/IP and web-server
  • Network Management System integration
  • Full User and Group management
  • Virtual sensors monitor power, Modbus, network devices, and other SNMP-based equipment.
  • Built-in graphs and data logging, internally or to a remote PC.
  • Syslog history on internal memory or on external Syslog server
  • Sensors/detectors can be added to the uploaded picture/map for better and quick locating.
  • The web-based interface is written in PHP allowing the end-user to changes language preferences or create own translation.
  • Free firmware upgrades and utilities from Conteg.
  • Internal Linux web-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring
  • Battery- operated clock for accurate date and time
  • Stream sensor information directly to your mobile phone or PDA.
  • Ability to connect to external GPRS/GSM modem, Bluetooth and WiFi USB adapters.
  • Full Modbus support: Modbus Master/Slave, Modbus RTU, Modbus over TCP/IP
  • SD card slot for extending memory for history (up to 32 GB). SD card is not included.


  • Very variable solutions for DC
  • Big pallet of accessories
  • Expandable by 3 types of expanders
  • Internal history
  • All accessories powered from RAMOS
  • Up to 500 sensors
  • Sensor mapping on uploaded pictures

RAMOS Ultra is an excellent solution for server rooms and data centersrequiring from 8  up to 500 sensors  when using expanders. Expanders create wide monitoring networks. RAMOS Ultra is also suitable for designs that require sensor mapping and GSM gateways without external software applications.

RAMOS Ultra uses a Linux Operating System. It is TCP / IP compliant and runs a Lighttpd web server that includes https (SSL), Bash, Perl, Telnet, PHP, Email and Nagios. RAMOS Ultra has an easy-to-use web-based user interface for sensor configuration, data collection and extensive graphing. Complete SNMP functions, including SNMP v3 encryption are also supported. RAMOS Ultra also supports Modbus Master/Slave, Modbus RTU and Modbus over TCP/IP creating a unique, easy to configure Modbus to SNMP gateway. The web-based interface is written in PHP allowing the user to change language settings or add another language. RAMOS Ultra has a battery-operated clock for accurate record-keeping.

RAMOS Ultra can record all events in its database with a time stamp of an alarm event and action taken. A stand-alone product with no external software dependencies, RAMOS Ultra gives you the very best for your monitoring needs. It has 8 auto-sense intelligent sensor ports which work with a wide range of RAMOS intelligent sensors. It can use any combination of sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, water leakage, airflow, security and even control relays. RAMOS sensors can also be used to detect AC voltage and measure DC voltage. Our sensors include an integrated data collection and graphing package to spot trends in the airflow, temperature and humidity.



  • Additional 8 intelligent sensor ports
  • Unlimited quantity of expanders connected in daisy-chain
  • Cable connection up to 300 m between devices



  • Additional 16 optical isolated dry contacts
  • Unlimited quantity of expanders connected in daisy-chain
  • Cable connection up to 300 m between devices


Expander RAMOS ULTRA-EX-D8-8

  • Additional 8 dry contacts on single intelligent sensor port
  • Configurable input or output on each contact (output 0-5Vdc)
  • Cable connection to monitoring device up to 300 m
  • This expander doesn't communicate with expansion ports, only with intelligent ports !

Rack monitoring system

Code Description
RAMOS ULTRA Monitoring device RAMOS Ultra; 8 Intelligent ports (In/Out); 4 expansion ports on front panel; Modbus (RS-485); USB 2.0 for connection GSM, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi adapter; power adapter with power cord; crossover patch cord cable 1,5m length; 1U high bracket with screws and installation CD
RAMOS ULTRA-EX-O16 RAMOS ULTRA Expander - add 16 Opto Isolated Dry contact Inputs; daisy chain connection; power adapter with power cord; 1U high bracket with screws and LAN cable 1,5m
RAMOS ULTRA-EX-I8 RAMOS ULTRA Expander - add 8 Intelligent Sensor (In/Out); daisy chain connection; power adapter with power cord; 1U high bracket with screws and LAN cable 1,5m
RAMOS ULTRA-EX-D8-8 Expander for intelligent port - digital adaptor adds 8 dry contacts - via 8x2 pins


Intelligent Accessories for RAMOS Ultra

Code Description
RMS-I-ST Temperature sensor with 30cm cable (coupler RJ-45 included)1
RMS-I-STH One wire temperature and humidity sensor with 30cm cable (coupler RJ-45 included)1
RMS-I-VC 4-20mA Converter with 1,5m cable1
RMS-I-AS Siren & Strobe light with 1,5m cable1
RMS-I-AF Airflow sensor with 1,5m cable1
RMS-I-DE-01 Smoke detector with 1,5m cable1
RMS-I-DE-02 PIR motion detector with add 1,5m cable1
RMS-I-DE-04 Spot water sensor with 4,5m cable2
RMS-I-DE-06 Rope water sensor with 3m length detection cable and connection cable 1,5m1
RMS-I-MK Magnetic door contact with 4,5m cable2
RMS-I-DRC Dry contact with 4,5m cable2
RMS-I-PWR-NO AC-Sensor controlled relay normally open (110V/220V)1
RMS-U-DST Daisy-chain temperature sensor with 1,5m cable1,3
RSM-U-GSM USB Modem with audio cable (Quad - band)3
RMS-I-CON Coupler CAT.5e RJ45-RJ45 for sensor cable extension, pack 10 pcs

1can be extended by LAN cable (Cat. 5e/6)
2can be extended by LAN cable (Cat. 5e/6) and coupler with RJ-45 connection
3accessories for RAMOS Ultra only