Ramos Optima

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  • 1x RJ-45 → SNMP
  • Power Supply 7.5V DC
  • 8x intelligent sensor port (RJ-45)
  • Each intelligent sensor port can be set to input or output (0-5VDC)
  • Status and online indicating LED
  • This model has a history log and allows download of all data
  • Autosense sensors
  • Sensors have 4 levels of threshold checking and report any status change
  • All accessories are powered from the monitoring unit


  • Solution for more racks
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Internal history
  • All accessories powered from RAMOS unit

RAMOS OPTIMA is a suitable solution for monitoring with up to 8 intelligent sensors (example: with 8 dual sensors [T+H] up to 16 parameters). It is an ideal solution for single or few racks where less than 8 intelligent ports are required.The Intelligent Monitoring Solution for your Enterprise Resources RAMOS Optima is a high-speed, accurate and intelligent monitoring device. The RAMOS Optima is a completely embedded host with a proprietary Linux like Operating System which includes TCP/IP stack, a built-in web-server and full Email and SNMP functionality.

RAMOS Optima can record all events in its database with a time stamp of when the sensor alarm was raised and the action took place. A standalone product with no external software dependencies, RAMOS Optima gives you the very best for your monitoring needs. It has 8 auto-sense intelligent sensor ports which work with a wide range of RAMOS intelligent sensors. It can use any combination of sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, water leakage, airflow, security and even control relays. RAMOS sensors can also be used to detect AC voltage and measure DC voltage. Our sensors include an integrated data collection and graphing package to spot trends in the airflow, temperature and humidity.

Rack monitoring system

Code Description
RAMOS OPTIMA Monitoring device RAMOS Optima [up to 8 Intelligent ports (In/Out)], 1x temperature sensor with 30cm cable length, power adapter with power cord, crossover patch cord cable 1,5m, 1U high bracket with screws and installation CD


Intelligent Accessories for RAMOS Optima

Code Description
RMS-I-ST Temperature sensor with 30cm cable (coupler RJ-45 included)1
RMS-I-STH One wire temperature and humidity sensor with 30cm cable (coupler RJ-45 included)1
RMS-I-VC 4-20mA Converter with 1,5m cable1
RMS-I-AS Siren & Strobe light with 1,5m cable1
RMS-I-AF Airflow sensor with 1,5m cable1
RMS-I-DE-01 Smoke detector with 1,5m cable1
RMS-I-DE-02 PIR motion detector with add 1,5m cable1
RMS-I-DE-04 Spot water sensor with 4,5m cable2
RMS-I-DE-06 Rope water sensor with 3m length detection cable, 6m non-detection cable and connection cable 1,5m1
RMS-I-MK Magnetic door contact with 4,5m cable2
RMS-I-DRC Dry contact with 4,5m cable2
RMS-I-PWR-NO AC-Sensor controlled relay normally open (110V/220V)1
RMS-I-CON Coupler CAT.5e RJ45-RJ45 for sensor cable extension, pack 10 pcs

1can be extended by LAN cable (Cat. 5e/6)
2can be extended by LAN cable (Cat. 5e/6) and coupler with RJ-45 connection