Ramos Mini


  • Temperature, humidity and othjer (dry contact) sensors can be connected.
  • No specialized SW necessary, simple RAMOS utility.
  • Contact switching can send e-mail or SNMP trap to several recipients.
  • Easy installation: not any special holders are requested, 19” standard extrusions are useable.
  • Possibility to connect to every building minitoring system in the industry, IT and networks.
  • 1 pc „Relay switch contact” output (max. 50 V DC or voltage output for external relay.
  • 1 pc „Dry contact” input.
  • Up to 2 temperature or humidity sensors.
  • For sensors (up to 10 m) cables, standard phone switches and RJ11 or RJ12 connectors can be used.
  • Support and plug-in modules for many NMS applications (LoriotPro, Nagios, SNMPc, HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, MRTG…).
  • Built-in graphic web interface for configuration and value monitoring.
  • Each sensor has its own unique ID.
  • Warning of alarm state over e-mail, SNMP trap, SMS (over SW – 3rd party).
  • Two alarm ranges for each sensors.
  • Open communication protocols (web, e-mail, SNMP, XML).
  • Security: passwordf, IP addresses range.
  • Graph view available with 255 data points.


  • Simple solution
  • Ideal for single rack
  • Basic accessories
  • Graph view

The RAMOS (RAck MOnitoring System) is designed to be deployed within a  rack to monitor its internal and external environment. As a network attached device, the RAMOS can report the status of sensors deployed in and around racks to any location worldwide and using SNMP traps can integrate with any network management software such as HP OpenView.

Code Sensors Input Output
RAMOS Mini up to 2 1 1



Code Description
RMS‑ST‑02 1‑Wire Temperature sensor on a 3 meter long cable with RJ12 connector
RMS‑ST‑04 1‑Wire Temperature sensor, rack mounting kit, 3 meter long cable, 2x RJ12 connector
RMS‑ST‑05 1‑Wire Temperature OUTDOOR sensor on a 3 meter long cable with RJ12 connector
RMS‑SH‑02 1‑Wire Humidity sensor, 3 meter long cable, RJ12 connector
RMS‑STH‑02 One wire temperature and humidity sensors, rack mounting kit, 3 meter long cable, 2x RJ12 connector
RMS‑DE‑01 Optical smoke detector with relay output1
RMS‑DE‑02 PIR motion detector1
RMS‑DE‑04 Flood detector2
RMS‑DE‑05 Broken glass dual detector1
RMS‑CON‑04 Hub for connecting of 2 sensors to 1‑Wire bus
RMS‑MK‑01 Magnetic contact, fixing bracket (universal mounting) and connection accessories included, VdS G, 2,5 m
RMS‑PWR‑01 PowerBox, remote switching external devices up to 230V/10A, power detection feature
RMS‑AS‑01 Acoustic siren with LED signalling, 120 dB1
RMS‑PW‑05 Universal power adapter 5V DC
RMS‑PW‑12 EU plug power adapter for accessories 12V DC 0,5A

1 require power supply (RMS-PW-12). Doesn‘t contain cable for connection.
2 require power supply (RMS-PW-12).

Standard equipment:

1x RAMOS Mini unit; 1x RMS-ST-02; 1x RMS-PW-05; straight and angle holder; First run installation manual; Installation CD (RAMOS Setup)