Rack Monitoring Systems - RAMOS

RAMOS (Rack Monitoring System) comes in three different versions, differentiated by levels of functionality. Units differ in features and in the quantity of sensors and inputs and outputs. The RAMOS portfolio includes a complete range of accessories for monitoring cabinets so you are able to fully monitor the internal and external cabinet environment.

All RAMOS units come with software for configuring IP addresses suitable for your computer network. The web interface also allows you to set all the parameters you wish to monitor through the RAMOS unit. This information can be transmitted in different ways: HTML, XML, SNMP and SMTP. It also supports many NMS applications (LoriotPro, HP OpenView, Nagios, IBM Tivoli, SNMPc, MRTG, etc.).

Ramos Ultra

RAMOS Ultra is an excellent solution for server rooms and data centers requiring from 8 up to 500 sensors when using expanders. Expanders create wide monitoring networks. RAMOS Ultra is also suitable for designs that require sensor mapping and GSM gateways without additional software applications.

Ramos Optima

RAMOS OPTIMA is a suitable solution for monitoring with up to 8 intelligent sensors (example: with 8 dual sensors [T+H] up to 16 parameters). It is an ideal solution for single or few racks where less than 8 intelligent ports are required.

Ramos Mini

The RAMOS Mini is a monitoring device suitable for stand-alone racks or cabinets. IT allows connection for up to 2 sensors and 1 input and 1 output contact (change-over relay). You can see the measurement in a graph with the values of the sensor.