• Cooling output of cooling units 1 – 6 kW
  • Compact design – coolant piping distribution systems are not necessary
  • Condensate evaporation system (standard on units of 1.4 kW and above) eliminates the need for condensate drainage
  • The triple protection system ensures condensate cannot enter rack
  • The heat exchanger surface has been treated specially to provide the highest possible resistance against clogging, therefore the unit is able to operate with full output even when the ambient temperature reaches 55 °C
  • The cooling system was designed for operation without filters reducing ongoing maintenance requirements
  • The cooling units have easy to use electronic control boards for accurate and easy setting of the required temperature in the rack


CONTEG CoolSpot TM deliver exceptional cooling capacity without adding to the floor‑area required for the rack. The CoolSpot TM solution is available in capacities ranging from 1000 Watts to 6000 Watts (approx 17.750 BTU/Hr) to give the correct required cooling without over‑cooling. These CoolSpot TM cooling units are compatible with the free standing racks, series RHF, RDF, RSF.

The CoolSpot TM unit is a  stand‑alone direct expansion (DX) solution with compressor inside which means that no additional plumbing or piping is required. Condensate is eliminated thanks to a  ondensate Dissipater (1.4 kW version and above) and triple condensate protection system. This means that the condensate normally associated with air‑conditioning systems is eliminated, giving total flexibility for deployment. The CoolSpot TM units feature electronic control boards as standard which give superior control of the air conditioner over standard electromechanical types. The lectronic Control Board ensures that the CoolSpot TM units are running at optimal efficiency and not overcooling the cabinet.

When installing these units into closed areas always make sure that the room has sufficient clearance and adequate ventilation so that environmental operating conditions (up to 55°C) are not exceeded.

In the case of a high temperature within the cabinet, alarm contacts will operate. This means that the CoolSpot TM solution can be tied into existing monitoring systems or CONTEG‘s Rack & Environment Monitoring System to alert remotely if the temperature exceeds user defined thresholds.

A/C UNITS  CoolSpot TM1 Required Cooling and Part Numbers (Includes Top Mounting Collar)
Compatible Rack Full Part No. 1 kW 1.4 kW 2 kW 2.8 kW 4.1 kW 6 kW
RSF‑42‑60/80T‑GWSWA‑ACA‑B AC‑TM‑10‑60/80 AC‑TM‑14‑60/80 AC‑TM‑20‑60/80 AC‑TM‑28‑60/80 AC‑TM‑41‑60/80  
RSF‑42‑60/10T‑GWSWA‑ACA‑B       AC‑TM‑28‑60/100 AC‑TM‑41‑60/100 AC‑TM‑60‑60/100
RSF‑42‑60/12T‑GWSWA‑ACA‑B       AC‑TM‑28‑60/120 AC‑TM‑41‑60/120 AC‑TM‑60‑60/120
RSF‑42‑80/80U‑GWSWA‑ACA‑B2 AC‑TM‑10‑80/80 AC‑TM‑14‑80/80 AC‑TM‑20‑80/80 AC‑TM‑28‑80/80 AC‑TM‑41‑80/80  
RSF‑42‑80/10U‑GWSWA‑ACA‑B2       AC‑TM‑28‑80/100 AC‑TM‑41‑80/100 AC‑TM‑60‑80/100
RSF‑42‑80/12U‑GWSWA‑ACA‑B2       AC‑TM‑28‑80/120 AC‑TM‑41‑80/120 AC‑TM‑60‑80/120
RHF‑42‑60/10L‑GWSWA‑ACF‑B       AC‑TM‑28‑60/100 AC‑TM‑41‑60/100 AC‑TM‑60‑60/100
RHF‑42‑80/10P‑GWSWA‑ACF‑B       AC‑TM‑28‑80/100 AC‑TM‑41‑80/100 AC‑TM‑60‑80/100

 1 Part numbers presented in configuration with standard extrusions, other types also available; racks in ligh gray (RAL 7035), for black (RAL 9005) write H instead of B in the end of rack's code
2 For RDF racks simply write RDF instead of RSF in the rack's code; please note, that RDF load rating is limited to 500kg