Optical Power Meters

AFL offers a full range of optical power meters to support FTTx deployments, fiber network testing, certification reporting capabilities and basic power measurements. Read more about our handheld testers below.


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OPM5 Optical Power Meter with Data Storage

NOYES OPM5 Optical Power Meter is a versatile tool for testing all network types – FTTx/FTTh, LAN/WAN, Telco, CATV, etc. Designed tough for field use, the simple-to-operate software provides in unit file management for stored test data and fast USB transfer to PC. The included TRM™ Reporting PC Software provides full featured data management and pass/fail certification to industry standards.

C840 QUAD Certification Tester

The NOYES C840 Certification tester is part of the C-Series Certification Optical Loss Test Kits. Alone the C840 be used as an OLS, OPM or VFI. When paired with a second C840 or a C850 Tier 1 and Tier 2 certification testing are possible. The AFL Touch and Test™ software simplifies the user experience enabling users to perform test quickly and accurately.

OPM4 Optical Power Meter with Wave ID and Set Reference

NOYES OPM4 Optical Power Meter is a versatile tool for testing all network types – FTTx/FTTh, LAN/WAN, Telco, CATV, etc. Rugged and easy to carry, the OPM4 provides accurate signal measurements. When paired with a NOYES brand optical source, the WaveID feature increases efficiency by allowing simultaneous measurement of two or more wavelengths while reducing technician errors with auto wavelength matching (source to meter).

OPM4-FTTx PON Power Meter

NOYES OPM4-FTTx PON Power Meter is designed to support real-world ONT installation and maintenance. Packed with special features, the OPM4-FTTx provides technicians with a troubleshooting and verification tool specifically designed to minimize length of service calls enabling faster FTTx roll outs.

CSM1 Contractor Series Optical Power Meter

NOYES CSM1 palm-sized, cost-effective optical power meter designed for measuring optical power in Premises, Telco, or Broadband fiber optic networks and for performing insertion loss measurements on multimode or single-mode fiber optic links. Weighing only 0.4 lb, this power meter is ideal for field use.

OPM1 Optical Power Meter

NOYES OPM1 is a simple field tool for measuring optical power on LAN/WAN, Telco, and Broadband networks. Rugged and easy to carry, the OPM1 provides accurate signal measurements. Simple user interface is perfect for novice users or technicians on the go who need a simple quick tool for checking optical power.

Power Meter Connector Adapters

NOYES standard thread-on adapter caps are used to mate non-angled and angled single-fiber and dual-fiber connectors to optical power meter ports on our M700, OPM1, OPM4, OPM5, T400, T500, and ORL3 series test sets.