Networks managers worldwide rely on Omnitron fiber media converters to extend the reach of networks and preserve investments in existing network infrastructure.

Omnitron managed and unmanaged fiber media converters provide connectivity between different network cabling types and equipment interfaces. Omnitron media converters support a wide variety of network protocols, data rates and media types to create a more scalable and cost-effective network.

iConverter Multi-Service Platform

The modular iConverter platform consists of Ethernet Network Interface Devices, CWDM multiplexers, T1/E1 multiplexers and a variety of managed media converters. iConverter fiber connectivity products are available as chassis plug-in modules and standalone configurations. This flexible architecture provides a multi-service platform capable of delivering Ethernet, TDM, SONET and other services over fiber, or multiplexing different services over a CWDM common fiber link.

iConverter Management System

iConverter modules and chassis can be used in managed or unmanaged networks. When managed, the iConverter management system provides the ability to remotely monitor network performance, configure hardware parameters, provision services, generate statistic reports and perform advanced fault detection.

iConverter Network Interface Devices (NIDs)

iConverter carrier-class Ethernet Network Interface Devices (NIDs) are MEF certified to provide intelligent demarcation for Carrier Ethernet services. iConverter NIDs support IEEE 802.1ag fault management and UTU-T Y.1731 performance monitoring for operational reliability and supporting Service Level Agreements.

iConverter Copper-to-Fiber Media Converters

iConverter managed copper-to-fiber media converters provide seamless integration of copper and fiber in Enterprise, Government and Carrier networks. iConverter media converter modules support a wide variety of protocols, data rates and cabling media types for flexible fiber connectivity in diverse network topologies. Select iConverter models support advanced switching capabilities and iConverter Fiber-to-Fiber NIDs feature integrated management and carrier-grade fault detection capabilities.

iConverter Fiber-to-Fiber Media Converters

iConverter fiber-to-fiber media converter modules provide single fiber to dual fiber and single mode to multimode fiber conversion. Select iConverter modules support VLAN switching capabilities and iConverter fiber-to-fiber Network Interface Devices (NIDs) feature integrated management and carrier-grade fault detection capabilities.

iConverter CWDM Multiplexers

iConverter CWDM Multiplexers/Demultiplexers and Add/Drop Multiplexers increase the bandwidth capacity of existing single fiber or dual fiber infrastructure by multiplexing up to sixteen independent wavelengths over a fiber optic connection. The modular iConverter CWDM products utilize a small and scalable plug-in form factor and can be installed in any iConverter chassis, achieving some of the highest port densities in the industry.

iConverter T1/E1 Multiplexers

iConverter T1/E1 MUX products multiplex up to sixteen independent T1/E1 circuits and 10/100 or 10/100/1000 Ethernet from copper links onto a fiber link Designed for mobile backhaul, Enterprise PBX connectivity and T1/E1 distance extension up to 120km, iConverter T1/E1 multiplexers operate as bookend devices with one MUX at each end of a dark fiber or CWDM fiber link. iConverter T1/E1 multiplexers can be managed or unmanaged, and are available in configurations with 4, 8, 12 or 16 T1/E1 ports.

iConverter Copper Switch Modules

The iConverter Multi-Service Platform also features redundant-link Ethernet media converters, UTP to coax media converters and four-port switch modules that provide flexible and reliable network connectivity. iConverter 10/100 and 10/100/1000 switch modules are managed 4-Port Ethernet switches that can be installed in a variety of chassis configurations with backplane connectivity to other iConverter modules.

FlexPoint™ Modular Media Converters

FlexPoint copper-to-fiber and fiber-to-fiber media converters provide unmanaged fiber connectivity between different cabling types. The self-contained FlexPoint media converter modules can be used as a desktop or wall-mounted standalone unit, or be rack-mounted using a 5-Module shelf or a 14-Module FlexPoint redundant-power chassis.

miConverter™ Miniature Media Converters

miConverter miniature media converters provide cost-effective copper UTP to fiber media conversion that provides cost-effective fiber connectivity to the desktop or portable laptops. miConverter media converter modules can be USB powered, eliminating the need for power outlets. The miniature miConverter modules can be installed in the 18-Module chassis. The ultra-compact miConverter S-Series is the smallest media converter available.

OmniConverter™ PoE and PoE+ Power Sourcing Media Converters

The new OmniConverter PoE media converters extend network links over fiber cabling, and function as Power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors that enable powering devices such as IP-phones, IP cameras and WiFi devices over UTP cabling. OmniConverter media converters are the first PoE media converters on the market with models that support both the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard (15.4W of power) and the new IEEE 802.3at PoE+ standard (25.5W of power).

Omnitron Optical Transceivers

Omnitron’s SFP, SFP+ and XFP pluggable transceivers are interchangeable compact media connectors for standard and CWDM wavelengths that enable a single network device to connect to a wide variety of fiber and copper cable types and distances.